Pittsburgh recs (some things in Pittsburgh that I feel fond of)

I imagine this list would probably be different if we hadn't been quarantining for the past 9 months, but regardless, here are some of my favorite things in Pittsburgh (having lived here for the past 16 months).

  • Food
    • Everyday Noodles - love their Taiwanese style sesame cold noodles and egg yolk buns!
    • Salem's Market and Grill - their fries are a must!!! Also highly recommend the baklava with pistachios :)
    • Mercurio's Pizza - I used to be OBSESSED with this place, but the last time I went the pizza wasn't as good as I had remembered, so take this with a grain of salt. Would always get their margherita!
    • Pizzeria Davide - also a very good pizza place. I had a couple slices fresh when I visited Pittsburgh last summer, but since then have also had it via delivery a few times. 
    • Pamela's Diner - you have to try their hotcakes! Very delicious and unique, a bit greasy though so be cautious not to go overboard.
  • Coffee shops
    • Zeke's Coffee in East Liberty - this was super close to the office, so I used to love going here on breaks and trying their pastries. They did a good chai latte as well!
    • 4121 Main - the absolute cutest tiny coffee shop inside of a flower shop. I really liked their golden milk.

  • Grocery stores
    • Many More Asian Market - my favorite Asian grocery store out of all the ones in The Strip. I like the size and selection and it's not too overwhelming. I generally didn't buy produce there though, fyi.
    • Whole Foods in East Liberty - I mean, it's a Whole Foods. But this place feels sentimental to me (even though it's so generic) because I've been shopping their produce a lot this year since I've started shifting towards a more plant-based diet.
    • Honorable mention: Sambok Korean Groceries - small Korean grocery store in The Strip, would highly recommend their homemade kimchi. It's delicious and they also have a vegan version (which isn't as good IMO but is still excellent and the best vegan kimchi I've tried)
  • Shops
    • Clothes Minded - my favorite consignment store in Pittsburgh! I've purchased some pieces I really like there (including this sweater!), and they generally have a great and eclectic selection.

    • Roxanne's Dried Flowers - very cute shop with live plants, dried flowers, and various plant-adjacent things and knick-knacks.
    • Honorable mention: B-Sides Vintage in Millvale (amazing and affordable vintage tee selection, but I've only been there once)
  • Outdoors things
    • Flagstaff Hill - a cute picnic spot close to my house! This is also near CMU, Schenley Plaza, Schenley Park, so it's a nice place to walk around.
    • Allegheny Cemetery - great and peaceful place to take a walk during the fall to see the changing leaves. You can also come here in the evenings during the summer to see fireflies!

  • Weekend trips
    • Cherry Springs - highly recommend going to see the stars here. Pro-tip: you might not even have to go to the state park if you stay nearby (in Coudersport or adjacent small towns), because you might have an amazing view of the night sky from where you're staying.
  • Misc
    • Anna Skin Care - absolutely amazing facials! I highly recommend Anna, such a relaxing experience.
    • Belvedere's Ultra-Dive - I had a lot of fun here and would definitely go back given the opportunity!

All that being said, the things that I will certainly miss the most in Pittsburgh are the friends and memories and life I've made here. I'm starting to realize more how much relationships can dominate your experience of a place, and I'm hoping to lean into that realization more in 2021 💕


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