What it means to be a nice girl

Basically, putting the needs of others before your own. For instance:
  • Doing the “right thing” even if you don’t want to

  • Letting other people encroach on your personal space and boundaries, and not standing up for yourself and your needs until they've egregiously overstepped 

  • Second-guessing yourself and your intuitions while giving others the benefit of the doubt

  • Comforting others (and taking on their emotional/etc. burdens!) even when you’re not in the right/best mental state to do so

  • Doing things that are inconvenient, annoying, or downright bad to you because they make someone else’s life (even slightly) better

Fuck being a nice girl.


  1. I wonder what it means to be a nice boy. How does the connotation of niceness change with gender?


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