[Video] Link to me talking about mono no aware + other things

Hi all! I figured I would post the link to this "video" on my blog since it basically is just an unedited oral blog post. I recorded the audio around two weeks ago and just posted it. I enjoyed making it, and I will probably continue to use this media format for topics that are more difficult to write about concisely. Maybe I can live out my dream of making a podcast/radio program? 😊

I feel that I am in a period of many changes in my life.

(click on the video for some more context + helpful links in the description!)


  1. Pretty interesting! I'm familiar with the concept from Ozu's films. In fact, I think that's the concept that describes his films the best

    - Juan Soto from Recurse, ended up here somehow during work.

  2. Hi Juan! So happy to see this comment 😊
    I'll have to check his films out!

  3. No problem! If anything, you can read about his films and its related concepts here: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/japanese-aesthetics/#8


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